What are some of the challenges when directly connecting to cloud services?

So, you know you want to get to the cloud but how on earth does this happen? What’s preventing you from embarking on this mystical and baffling journey to the cloud?

Have no fear, Unitas is here–in this short video, Unitas Global CMO, Scott Walker, brings to light the two biggest direct connect challenges–knowledge is power!

Gain some insights by watching the video here and read the full transcript below.


Direct Connect Challenges


Full Transcript:

Some of the challenges enterprises face when directly connecting providers center around the time to provision; it can be 60 days at a minimum in many cases.  Also, with all the different options, there are inconsistent features. For example, to configure a direct connect through a cloud exchange in a third party colocation facility is very different than doing it with your MPLS network or through a software defined networking provider.