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Modernizing your network and cloud infrastructure means a lot of things and priorities are constantly shifting. Whether you are optimizing your WAN or multi-cloud, adopting new SaaS, migrating software and data to new cloud infrastructure - you are always striving for best balance of price and value, to improve performance for users, and to not choose a technology that restricts future business options and innovation.

The team at Unitas Global believe that platform automation and an interconnected fabric of cloud and network service providers solves enterprise challenges by transforming the consumption of IT and providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure That Works For You. Whatever Your Cloud Mix

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Reducing Complexity & Cost and Improving Performance

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Managed Services

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End-to-End Software Defined Cloud Network

Unitas Global’s cloud-first network fabric provides our clients with a competitive advantage by offering software-defined connectivity across strategic interconnections with leading networks and cloud providers over a broad range of geographies.



managed network devices

+24 million

connected buildings


local data centers locations


interconnected carrier networks




direct peering with SaaS
“Unitas Global ensured a quick and efficient implementation of Sift’s managed cloud connectivity solution, helping us to fast-track both financial and operational benefits. Throughout the process, Unitas Global truly felt like a partner.”
Ad Tech Industry Leader Saves 50%
Ad Tech leader was outgrowing its current cloud-based IaaS provider and third-party private cloud provider in trying to meet performance and cost objectives. The company needed an IT infrastructure solution that would allow it to expand operations geographically based on demand and expected growth.

Rideshare App Enabled By Multi-Cloud Connectivity
Client’s immense business growth was reason for celebration. But while their current public cloud provider could handle the increasing workload, certain aspects of their cloud environment couldn’t handle the stress.