Customer Success Stories
“Unitas offers deep insight and expertise on security solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure. By working closely with the customer, Unitas offers a customized solution that fits our specific needs. We decided we can’t be both a bank and an IT shop.”
–Unitas Global Customer

Case Studies and Use Cases

Unitas Global supports the enterprise's IT needs in nearly every vertical. Read our case studies below.

Ad Tech Client Saves 50%

An existing Unitas Global Enterprise Private Cloud client, a digital advertising agency, needed additional support as they grew. To achieve their goals, the agency worked with Unitas to increase their connectivity performance and offload infrastructure support of their AWS services.

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Mining & Chemical Company Consolidates IT

Learn how the cloud solution for this customer enabled significant operational, quality, and cost improvements. Plus, a new help desk hosted by Unitas simplified support for the customer’s 3,000+ employees.

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Equipment Manufacturer Gains Competitive Advantage

By offloading IT management to Unitas Global, this drilling equipment client was able to automate and manage their IT, allowing them to focus on innovating their business to gain a competitive advantage.

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Financial Services Company Saves 20% with Disaster Recovery

A private cloud disaster recovery solution from Unitas Global saved this financial services company 20% in overall costs while also reducing latency.

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Genomics Institute Speeds Research

With an Enterprise Private Cloud solution from Unitas Global, this US-based research institute increased secure access to research data and improved collaboration among other research institutes.

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Auto Manufacturer Gains Data Services

Leading global automotive manufacturer adopts hybrid cloud solution to support more efficient business operations.

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Healthcare Provider Gains Global Compliant Records Access

This healthcare service provider enjoys a new HIPAA/ACA-compliant system with redundancy and secure access to medical records globally thanks to Unitas.

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Insurance Provider Gets Future-Proofed

Unitas Global built this leading insurance provider a new platform infrastructure that is cost-effective, tailored for their new platform and division, and has access to AWS tools and services.

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Gaming Company Saves 30%

A leading mobile gaming company saw public cloud costs spiral out of control until Unitas migrated them to private cloud.

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Gaming Company Launches Game in 30 Days

With help from Unitas, this online gaming company had 300 servers installed and deployed globally within 10 days. This enabled them to successfully launch their new game in 30 days.

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Rideshare Service Cuts App Migration Time

The transition of data to a new cloud environment for this ridesharing company was estimated to take nine months. Unitas did it in one.

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Software Company Achieves 30-40% Savings

A software company sought to launch its SaaS offering in the European market—without staff on the ground in that region. Find out about the benefits of the OpenStack-based private cloud solution Unitas created for them.

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Satellite Broadcaster Gains Cost-Effective, Scalable Cloud

This satellite broadcaster needed to scale to meet seasonal demands in a cost-effective way. Read how Unitas set them up with a hybrid cloud solution to accomplish that and more.

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Credit Card Provider Improves Developer Efficiency

Thanks to a cloud-based PaaS system from Unitas, this client uses development resources more efficiently, enjoys substantial cost savings, and expedited time to market.

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Social Services Agency Migrates to Managed Public Cloud

A Social Services Agency finds visibility and future-proofing of their IT with a Managed Public Cloud solution from Unitas Global.

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