Customer Success Stories

Leveraging Unitas' Backbone to Rapidly Turn Up Connections

A global connectivity company that supports SASE applications needed high-performance Internet between two Equinix data centers for a top customer.  

Unitas Global leveraged our backbone to quickly turn up a fiber connection, saving our client money and time—and giving their end customer access to all the benefits of Unitas’ AS1828 IP. 

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one online experience to design, price, and order connectivity services

A European-based engineering organization with over 300 locations around the globe needed an easy way to procure SD-WAN connectivity. Unitas Nexus™ gave them one online experience to design, price, and order redundant connectivity services across multiple countries including Turkey, Italy, Hungary, and the US. 

Unitas delivered—and continues to monitor and manage—access solutions that included DIA, broadband, LTE, and 5G. 

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Reduced Latency and Higher performance with Unitas Performance IP

A Tokyo-based company that provides cloud storage for the video and design production industries was experiencing delays during critical high-capacity transmissions—delays that standard Internet providers said they couldn’t mitigate because the problems “lay outside their networks.” 

Unitas provided high-performance IP transit for this customer, which includes direct peering, flow analytics, and reduced latency for a faster, more resilient end customer experience.  

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When you're hit by a cyber attack, every second matters.

A leading broadcast television company experienced a cyber attack on a Saturday night and needed to quickly deploy a new IP connection to mitigate the damage to their organization. @Megaport brought @UnitasGlobal in to help and, through the automation of our platforms, the company had a new IP service within 12 hours, defending the organization’s network and ensuring business continuity moving forward.


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Unitas provides connectivity to ensure the best SD-WAN experience for our clients

A leading global manufacturer with locations in different countries and markets saw the value of SD-WAN for supporting their system infrastructure. This company had a requirement that not just their primary but all their connectivity had to be at highest performance to support the movement of their critical data. Unitas was the one provider they chose for DIA and wireless connectivity across their worldwide locations to help ensure the best SD-WAN experience for their organization.


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What's your 2022 wan plan?

An American multinational IT services and consulting company was experiencing high costs and many internal business challenges with their existing MPLS network. By moving their 138 office locations across 56 countries to SD-WAN and leveraging Unitas dedicated Internet access, the company achieved cost savings. Additionally, they increased security and gained proactive monitoring for a healthier network.  

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What's under your SD-WAN hood?

After being acquired, a manufacturing company was challenged when merging their network, systems, and clouds with those of their new parent company. They knew SD-WAN was part of the answer, but they also needed the right high-performance Internet to get their desired results.  


Unitas Global’s #donutpeering gave this company the SaaS On-Ramp they needed to improve availability of their systems between their manufacturing plants and branch offices, enabling them to deliver a better service for their end-users. 

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Why one provider chose Unitas to manage broadband

A global service provider recently selected Unitas to enable a government program aimed at assisting inmates from federal prisons with applying for jobs, earning GEDs and certifications, and preparing for life after prison. Unitas provided fully managed and monitored broadband connectivity into each of their facilities. By choosing Unitas, this service provider was able to stop worrying about connectivity and return their focus to the continued success of their social program. 


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Enabling a Data Center to Offer High-Performance, One-Hop Connections

A major Hong Kong data center needed the best connectivity for their customers to cloud-based applications. They previously had several upstream Tier 1 IP providers, but not all SaaS providers connect with all Tier 1s. By adding Unitas Reach™ high-performance Internet as an upstream network, this data center now offers high speed, high-performance, 1 hop connections to 6,000+ SaaS providers.


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Why do data centers go on-net with Unitas?

A leading American data center needed high-availability connectivity between their locations and high-performance Internet for their customers, not to mention DDoS mitigation services to ensure their infrastructure was secure. By putting their data centers on-net with Unitas Reach™, the data center received the connectivity and Internet services they needed to compete, as well as connecting their customers to thousands of SaaS providers. 


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Your internet connection has never been more important

An American distributor of health care products and services with a worldwide presence was facing a huge business challenge. With COVID-19 on the rise and the need for their essential medical equipment increasing exponentially, the company realized the time they were spending managing their overseas networks and data was distracting them from their life-saving business objectives. They turned to managed network service provider Unitas for fully managed IP transit services. By working with Unitas, the company leveraged the power of Unitas Reach™, enabling them to modernize their network, scale quickly as needed, and focus their attention on getting their products and services where they were needed most—on the front lines. 


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Your network infrastructure is the foundation of your digital business

Just as in housing, if there's something wrong with the foundation, your entire business could be put at risk.

A leading data center provider was challenged by the effects of a fragmented network after going through multiple acquisitions. The company knew it needed to modernize its network and achieve greater scalability, but they also focused on lowering network costs. Unitas leveraged Unitas Nexus™ to analyze the company's existing network services and optimize their network infrastructure, helping them regain their competitive advantage and the ability to scale, while also cutting costs.


Have you inspected your "digital foundation" lately? Unitas can help.