Reduce Your Network Costs By Up To 30%

How Much Can Unitas Optimize Your Connectivity?

Learn a little more about how Unitas helps our clients save money with our Connectivity Management System. Through our Cloud Connectivity Management platform, Unitas can help you achieve significant savings on your connectivity spend.

Connectivity Management

Unitas Global’s Connectivity Management Solution is an outcome-based offering that solves the enterprise’s network optimization challenge. Our commitment and commercial model guarantee savings and deliver a fully managed network to continuously optimize your network costs, availability, and application performance—no matter where your workload resides (public or private infrastructure). We take a multi-phased approach to identifying cost-saving opportunities as a baseline to deliver a network that is fully-managed and cloud-enabled.

Discovery and Audit of Existing Network

Unitas begins by collecting an inventory of circuits, including items such as costs, users, bandwidth, capacity, and contract terms.

Perform Market and Network Design Analysis

During this phase, we collect, clean, and analyze network inventory and raw data, including circuit inventory data and invoices, to identify financial and physical performance factors.

Implement Network Optimization Plan

Seamless tracking of provisioning and delivery status for each circuit purchased. Simplification and standardization of ordering communications and milestones across operators, delivering services with predictable results and focused feedback throughout the process.

Manage and Cloud-Enable

During the optimization phase, we deploy a Network Interface Device (NID) at client locations to enable proactive network management with 24x7x365 in-depth monitoring of network infrastructure, including fault and performance management and integrated trouble ticketing and reporting.


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Complete Logical + Physical Management of your Network

Unitas will provide complete logical and physical management of your network under a letter of agency. Management includes fault monitoring and remediation, provisioning, data management, and analysis.

Monitoring and Remediation

Monitoring and Remediation activities include all tasks involved in the detection, isolation, and resolution of all issues affecting network availability and performance.


Provisioning activities include all tasks required in the provisioning, move, add, change, or disconnection of services on the network.

Analysis & Data Management

Analysis & Data Management activities are those tasks proactively undertaken by Unitas engineers to ensure the integrity and currency of all customer network information.

“Unitas Global ensured a quick and efficient implementation of Sift’s managed cloud connectivity solution, helping us to fast-track both financial and operational benefits. Throughout the process, Unitas Global truly felt like a partner.”
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“We’ve heard the enterprise voice their frustrations around time to deployment, visibility, and control, so we developed an automation platform to accelerate their digital strategy.”

Cloud Connectivity Explained
The majority of enterprise organizations have a cloud strategy—but getting to the cloud can be a struggle. 50% of organizations identify cloud networking challenges as a primary inhibitor to cloud adoption.* That’s why Unitas Global has designed a comprehensive cloud connectivity solution to enable the enterprise to easily connect both to and between the various parts of their overall cloud infrastructure.

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