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At Unitas, we design, deploy, and manage cloud networking solutions for our global enterprise clients. Our services reflect a customer-first approach, helping you achieve your business outcomes.

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We offer a comprehensive array of services designed to help you adopt cloud technologies and transform your business practices.


Our connectivity solution simplifies fully managed, end-to-end access connectivity from premise to data center to cloud.

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High-Performance IP

Unitas high performance Internet services are designed specifically for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency.

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Managed Network Services

Identifying cost-saving opportunities as a baseline to deliver a network that is fully-managed and cloud-enabled.

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“Leveraging Unitas’ expertise as a network provider, we’re able to offer our customers a truly unique array of capabilities to meet the customer challenges of today and tomorrow”
Enabling a Data Center to Offer High-Performance, One-Hop Connections
A major Hong Kong data center needed the best connectivity for their customers to cloud-based applications. They previously had several upstream Tier 1 IP providers, but not all SaaS providers connect with all Tier 1s. By adding Unitas Reach™ high-performance Internet as an upstream network, this data center now offers high speed, high-performance, 1 hop connections to 6,000+ SaaS providers.

Did you know there’s a better, faster way of connecting customers to cloud-based content?

Protect The Foundation of Your Digital Business
Just as in housing, if there's something wrong with the foundation, your entire business could be put at risk. A leading data center provider was challenged by the effects of a fragmented network after going through multiple acquisitions. The company knew it needed to modernize its network and achieve greater scalability, but they also focused on lowering network costs. Unitas leveraged Unitas Nexus™ to analyze the company's existing network services and optimize their network infrastructure, helping them regain their competitive advantage and the ability to scale, while also cutting costs.

Have you inspected your "digital foundation" lately? Unitas can help.

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