High-Performance IP Network

Your Network Performance Has Never Been More Important

The way businesses use the Internet is changing. As more business applications are being moved to the cloud or delivered as a SaaS model, Internet performance has become more important than ever before. While users expect the same consistent, high-performance experience from their SaaS applications that they get with on-premise software or dedicated systems, that is often not the case. Click here to learn more.

A Better Internet is Within Reach

Unitas Reach™, the first global software defined network (SDN) to offer automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location, enables Unitas to provide unparalleled IP access for its customers. Unitas high performance Internet services are designed specifically for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency.

Direct Route

Unitas Global's IP network (AS1828) is unique in that it directly routes to thousands of applications by bypassing the Tier 1 core entirely, wherever possible, and creating direct connections with cloud SaaS providers, content providers, and other Internet providers to ensure direct routing for enterprise data.

Reporting + Analytics

A comprehensive view into the customer's flow data is included as a complimentary part of Unitas IP solutions. This data enables customers to quickly view traffic movement, where it’s coming from, and if there are any active threats, including DDoS attacks, that they should be aware of. Blackhole mitigation is also included.

Global Coverage

Unitas interconnects at major peering locations spanning over 173 countries worldwide. Between our global PoPs, Unitas maintains diverse, redundant paths for greater control and visibility into routing and best performance to more locations. Our software-defined network, Unitas Reach™, is engineered to move IP traffic to and from end users as quickly as possible. 

Better Routing Options

Unitas has a large number of options by which to route our customers’ traffic. Unitas maintains connectivity to multiple Tier 1 Internet providers as well as to many of the other Tier 2 Internet providers and public Internet Exchanges, ensuring there are no holes in our network routing table—rather, there are multiple ways to get to every destination on the Internet.

A Better Internet is Within Reach

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Unitas Recognized as Best International Internet with Visionary Spotlight Award
“This award is a testament to Unitas’ ability to deliver value for customers through our unique combination of route optimized transit and direct connection to SaaS and content providers.”