Modernize Your Network

Speed Up Cloud Adoption with Modern Networking Solutions

Designed for outdated applications, legacy networks could be holding you back by hindering your revenue growth opportunities, consuming your budget, and degrading your customer experience. It’s time to modernize.


At Unitas, we know that phasing out legacy systems and implementing modern networking techniques improves network efficiencies, serves end-users better, and opens up new revenue-generating business opportunities. The key features of a modern network include:


  • Software-Defined
  • Global
  • Interconnection to Cloud Services
  • Future-Proofed
  • Flexible
  • Scalable


By leveraging Unitas Global Cloud Fabric, we can modernize your network and lower your costs at the same time. We accomplish this by evaluating your current network architecture, locations, number of users and bandwidth per location, and cloud applications to create a roadmap and implementation plan that minimizes disruption and helps you achieve your business outcomes.

Expand Your Reach

Legacy network architecture inhibits rapid scaling with its fixed bandwidths and often requires costly, long-term, single carrier contracts. Unlock 900+ data centers with 1 connection:

Replace legacy MPLS circuits with modern SD networking for significant savings
Increased bandwidth, reduced latency + lowered administrative costs while managing fewer connections
Cloud Connectivity Marketplace chooses optimal network design from hundreds of suppliers
Leverage 900+ global network-dense data centers to connect your locations directly to the cloud + other digital ecosystems

Automate Your Connectivity

Today’s cloud networks are more dynamic than ever before, requiring a modern approach to design and management. To meet the demands of the cloud, it’s critical your connectivity solution is backed by the software intelligence tools needed to enable your multi-cloud solution.

Global Coverage

Our solution is available from +50 million addresses, +900 data centers, +6000 cloud and SaaS providers in +160 countries globally with our global SDN, Unitas Reach™.

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The intelligent design of Unitas Nexus™ considers services and pricing from over 1,100 Fiber, Ethernet and IP service providers for both on- and near-net.

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Unitas Atlas™ offers proactive management and monitoring of availability, performance, and usage of both network and cloud in one single management platform.

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"Unitas Global...enables us to provide private ethernet links between the Rackspace backbone and any physical address. For Rackspace Technology, this product is a game changer for both new & existing customers."
Cloudscene: Introducing a Multi-Service Interconnection Fabric for Enhanced Network Flexibility with Unitas Global’s Mary Stanhope Network Connectivity
In a world that is driven by data and information, the ability to integrate and access these assets across an enterprise-wide network is proving to be more important, yet oftentimes more complex, than ever for businesses.

State Courts Make Online Ruling: Unitas Global is Guilty of Improving Network Performance While Lowering Bandwidth Costs
The disruption of 2020 and 2021 spurred IT change and modernization in the government sector that would have otherwise taken years or possibly decades to achieve, especially related to networks and applications. Keep reading to see how Unitas brought one state judicial system into the 21st century.

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