Solution Deep Dive: Multi-Service Access Services

What Is Multi-Service Access ?  

The enterprise is using the cloud more than ever, and it’s using it for a range of different services across different platforms and locations, necessitating thorough connectivity across this fabric of services. In today’s world where cloud services can be purchased based on consumption, businesses now want to purchase their network in the same scalable way. Unitas Global believes that an interconnected software-defined fabric of service providers, intelligent platform automation, and a fully managed connectivity service can solve the enterprise cloud connectivity challenges.  


That’s what the Unitas multi-service access network accomplishes: it creates a strong foundation and overlays all the necessary services on top, optimally routing to the destinations, data, storage enterprises want, and moving that data in a way that best suits enterprise business requirements.  Unitas’ multi-service access network provisions a managed connectivity service that is delivered over the world’s first software-orchestrated, end-to-end connected hybrid multi-cloud fabric.   Furthermore, not only does this multi-service access network simplify the design, procurement, delivery, operation, and management of cloud connectivity, it goes further to provide flexible, configurable, on-demand access to a suite of network services.

How the Multi-Service Access from Unitas Empowers Enterprises to Achieve Their Goals  

Instead of procuring, deploying, and managing multiple network relationships all over the world, businesses engage with Unitas for the design, operation, and management of their cloud connectivity and services. This empowers enterprises and service providers to offload the cost and complexity associated with these tasks, allowing them to focus time, resources, and expertise on core business goals.   


This multi-service access network orchestrates new services and overlays those services onto a global software defined network aggregating over 550 providers.  By creating the industry-leading interconnected access and data center network, Unitas Global eliminates the complexity and inefficiencies of buying network connectivity. Through its innovative software-defined network fabric, the company provides the global reach, flexible technology access options, and reliable connectivity solutions that transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple-to-use solutions.  


This is backed by the Unitas Atlas™ management platform, which supports client environments through a single pane of glass view into end-to-end infrastructure. In turn, clients rely on Unitas Atlas™ to gain insights and transparency into their services that they have never had before. The platform replaces what is traditionally a set of disparate tools, providing unprecedented monitoring, analytics, and visibility into application and data infrastructure.  

Who Needs the Multi-service Access Services?  

Digital transformation is growing in complexity as the enterprise looks to incorporate new capabilities across multiple platforms, locations, and providers. Connectivity is becoming an increasingly pressing challenge—as is the dedicated time and resources that must be reallocated to it and away from core operations. Enterprises require secure, flexible, low latency, high throughput cloud connectivity from the edge to their data centers (and between their data centers) to their clouds with the option of external management. Beyond that, businesses are requiring more and more bandwidth as how they operate evolves, and all the while users are expecting the same consistent, high-performance experience they get with on-premises software or dedicated systems.   


Multinational enterprises, and enterprises or service providers that don’t have the resources or time to expand or manage their end-to-end connectivity solution would benefit greatly from Unitas’ Multi-service Access Services.

Whether enterprises are transporting data, accessing workflows, connecting subscribers, or improving day-to-day collaboration, they now require a wholly interconnected, software-defined solution that integrates and orchestrates cloud networks, remaining connected to any and all necessary partners and platforms for digital transformation.   


The enterprise may assume that the data center operator or cloud solutions operator will provide them some sort of connectivity solution, but this is not a given. Therefore, Unitas has taken its award-winning cloud connectivity fabric and grown it to encompass the many solutions that today’s business requires, layering in the multi-service capabilities and the managed capabilities enterprises often require.   


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