A Letter To Our Customers – Continuity of Service Through COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Valued Client,

While there is no clear timeline for when the Coronavirus situation will stabilize, Unitas remains in full operation, providing continuous support while working 100% remotely. Unitas is fortunate to have the tools and capabilities that empower our workforce to work successfully from home. Our global workforce is highly capable of sustaining a virtual office model for an extended period of time should it become necessary. During this uncertain time, our responsibility remains to maintain operational excellence as well as business stability for our clients.

With our cloud-first strategy, Unitas is supporting clients by using the tools and technology we use in our day-to-day operations to provide our clients with steady service and support. As many of our customers are now working remotely, Unitas has been diligently supporting changing requirements and helping our clients adjust. As a managed service provider, Unitas can quickly deliver additional VPN connectivity, secure endpoints, as well as cloud and network capacity for clients. We welcome you to to reach out should you run into challenges as you transition to virtual work models with remote workers.

Coronavirus is a rapidly changing situation, demanding constant monitoring, communication, and operational agility. Unitas employee travel policy changes have been made to prioritize health and wellness and contribute to slowing and stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. These policies are in line with travel and health advisory guidelines put in place by applicable national and local government advisories. While client projects and meetings continue, there will be no business travel, domestic or international, and all client, partner, and internal meetings are being held virtually.

Currently, the impact of COVID-19 on our supply chain, fulfillment, and field service operations is minimal. We are communicating with clients and partners, sharing insight into potential supply chain impacts as it relates to delivery delays from our suppliers. Unitas is helping clients minimize or avoid delays by proactively placing orders for new hardware in order to maintain service delivery schedules when possible. Many of our infrastructure partners have implemented procedures to limit or restrict visitors, enhance cleaning procedures, or implement plans for consistent onsite service. Unitas is monitoring their status to ensure no interruption in service to clients.

At Unitas, our top priorities remain the health of our employees and the ability to deliver uninterrupted service for our clients.  We will continue to closely monitor this situation at a global level and will keep you informed of any significant changes to our operations. As we encounter any changes, we are prepared to be agile and work together to knock down challenges as they arise.

To your continued safety and health,

Adi Aderhold
Vice President of Client Success at Unitas Global