Google Stadia: Are Data Centers Ready for Streaming Games?

After the launch of Google Stadia, the ambitious live-streaming games platform, Data Centre News chatted with our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood about the feasibility of the idea. Can Google perform a technical feat of this scale? The answer is likely yes:

“Many people believe that, similar to streaming movies, streaming games in high definition shouldn’t be that difficult. However, when you’re watching an HD movie on Netflix, your browser is actually downloading and buffering data ahead of what you’re actually seeing — smoothing out any irregularities in connectivity,” says Kirkwood.

“But, when streaming HD games in real-time, the visuals cannot lag behind user actions. By launching Stadia, Google is heavily relying on having exceptional connectivity, and that connectivity will continue to improve.”

Despite this, Kirkwood believes Google is one of the only companies in the world that could succeed at launching a cloud-streaming gaming platform like this.”

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Google Stadia Game Streaming

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