How Unitas Changes The Day-in-the-Life of The Enterprise (Video)

Do you ever feel like you’re so busy with the technological demands of your company that there’s little time to do your job? Many of our clients have IT departments that are bogged down with putting out fires or managing their cloud, so they don’t have the bandwidth to improve their applications or services. That’s where Unitas can help.

In this short video, Unitas Global CTO Grant Kirkwood explains that by partnering with Unitas to run your IT, you can focus on technology innovations that further your business. Watch the video here, and read the full transcript below.



Full Transcript: 

When we work with customers, we want them to feel almost like they’re part of the Unitas family. We want them to feel like we’re an extension of their own team, so we work really hard to understand how our customers operate. We hear a lot of times from IT managers that they’re so busy keeping up with the day to day demands that they can’t actually make forward progress in their larger organizational goals.

If I think about how we help our customers in their day-to-day life, it’s by taking all that routine infrastructure management, the monitoring, the management, responding to issues—all the stuff that’s constantly nagging at IT managers and engineers—we take that off their shoulders. And that helps them focus on the really strategic things.

Companies are not in the business of running infrastructure—except for companies like ours, of course. If you’re a manufacturing company you’re in the business of making things. If you’re a financial services company, you’re making money. None of these companies are in the business of running IT infrastructure, yet they spend a ton of time and energy and money on doing that. If we take that burden off their shoulders, then the people that work in technology in those companies can then focus on projects that are really unique to those businesses.

Unitas Changes Day in the Life of Enterprises

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