Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

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Logic Monitor estimates that 83% of enterprise workloads will be on public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure by 2020. However, many enterprises find it challenging to identify the “right environment” for their business; the one that will best support their objectives, budget, and workload requirements. That’s where Unitas comes in.


No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Unitas will bring the right resources to the table to help you get to where you’re going. We recently helped a SaaS company determine the optimal mix of resources for compute, storage, networking, and load balancing in a Microsoft Azure environment. Unitas was able to save another client nearly $2 million per year in networking costs by re-architecting their cloud networking.

Your Business Outcomes, Within Reach

By accelerating your journey to the cloud, Unitas can help you achieve your desired business outcomes, such as:

Faster time to market with new products and services
Improved collaboration and innovation
Increased revenues by reaching new markets
Infrastructure agility and flexibility
Low infrastructure TCO
"Unitas Global ensured a quick and efficient implementation of Sift’s managed cloud connectivity solution, helping us to fast-track both financial and operational benefits. Throughout the process, Unitas Global truly felt like a partner.”
Award-Winning Solution for Innovation in Network Technology, Managed Services, and Cloud
“We’ve heard the enterprise voice their frustrations around time to deployment, visibility, and control, so we developed an automation platform to accelerate their digital strategy.”

Unitas Global Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Migration with Connectivity to Iron Mountain’s London and Amsterdam Facilities
“Unitas Global’s access connectivity platform enables us to bring new efficiency to our clients,” shares Frank Scalzo, General Manager Network Strategy and Service of Iron Mountain. “The team at Unitas understands that businesses require reliable, scalable, cost-effective connectivity from all their office locations to their data and applications in our data centers. Unitas Global delivers neutral, high-performance, scalable managed access connectivity to the hybrid cloud community.”

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