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AI has skyrocketed into the enterprise in the last few years, promising to revolutionize every aspect of business. But operating the hardware required to run AI neural networks is expensive and a difficult burden that most companies cannot handle on their own. To take full advantage of AI as it matures, enterprises need the best cloud connection available. In this post, CoreSite sets out criteria for an AI-ready cloud:

“Data centers should:

  • Provide easy on-ramps to cloud providers within facilities in order to significantly reduce latency and data transfer costs. A direct cloud interconnect product can lower latency and data transfer costs by as much as 50% when compared to the public internet – all while eliminating the need for private WAN connections to each provider manually.

  • Be in close proximity to cloud providers’ core compute nodes to further reduce latency between dedicated environments and the cloud providers of choice.

  • Be in close proximity to as many end users and devices as possible to enable processing information closer to the user or device, which can significantly improve performance and reliability. This is especially beneficial for supporting latency-sensitive AI applications like autonomous vehicles or cybersecurity operations, while also maximizing workload flexibility and cost management.

  • Feature scalable and configurable central infrastructure to facilitate sustainable growth.”

Read the full article here.  

Partner Insight Coresite Powering AI in the Enterprise

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