Lower Costs and Increase Performance with Inter-Cloud Connectivity

Low latency, decreased data replication times + hybrid cloud enablement

Multi-cloud is quickly becoming the standard as enterprise adoption of public cloud services accelerates. Studies show that 84% of enterprises with over 1000 employees use 4 or more cloud services. However, to fully realize the benefits of multi-cloud, you must first

consider the connectivity between clouds.


This vital component can be full of challenges, including:


  • Data throughput rates between clouds
  • Latency requirements for hybrid applications
  • Data replication times
  • High costs for data transfer from public clouds (egress charges)

Eliminate Egress Charges + Latency

We recently helped a client save over $2 million per year, and see a 300% increase in data transfer rates to reduce data replication rates. Below are several other benefits provided by our Inter-Cloud Connectivity offering.

Decreased data replication times:

Through a high-powered private network connection

Low latency between cloud services:

Utilizing direct cloud on-ramp solutions in major data centers

Hybrid cloud enablement:

Through a reliable, private connection for sustainable data transfer

Enablement of clouds’ unique capabilities:

Including AI, Machine Learning, low-cost storage, ecosystem applications, etc.

Offload Inter-Cloud Connectivity: End-To-End

Our solution enables you to seamlessly exchange data between public clouds at very high speeds. After assessing your application performance requirements, Unitas designs, procures, and manages the solution on your behalf to ensure the solution performs to the required standards.

Let’s Get Started

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