vCISO: What It Is and How You Benefit

Cybercrime is constantly increasing in sophistication, requiring an equally sophisticated team to combat it. To supplement the skills of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), some organizations decide to bring in a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to lead the security strategy.


The CISO is often responsible for the security of an organization’s data and IT infrastructure. They work to mitigate risks to this information and prevent breaches– or do damage control should a breach occur. It is also the CISO’s job to communicate the security threats to the company and work with them to understand and resist those threats. CISO is a separate role from CIO and CTO because the CISO focuses on security alone and how it fits into the greater business. The focus of the CISO is essential because without a secure environment, nothing else in the business can function optimally.


Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find individuals with a skill set robust enough for the CISO role, even if budgetary restrictions are not a concern for the organization. There is an alternative: companies can hire vCISOs (Virtual Chief Information Security Officers) to get the resources of a full time CISO without the cost or an on-site presence. The vCISO would work with the leadership team to create, implement, and drive the security strategy for the organization.


Enlisting a vCISO has its perks:

    • Pooled Expertise: While a company will have its designated point of contact on the vCISO side, they will actually be able to draw expertise from a team of people, providing more information and an overall more informed resource.
    • Cost Savings: Typically, contracting a vCISO is a more cost-effective option than hiring a full time CISO.
    • Scalable: vCISO resources can be scaled up or down as required.
    • On Demand: When hiring a vCISO, no training or ramp up period is required. Once the engagement is set, strategy can begin immediately.
    • Freed Resources: With security covered, the organization can get back to focusing on business-centric initiatives.


The goal of the vCISO at Unitas Global is to provide strategic direction, ensure that security objectives are achieved and security risks are managed appropriately, and to verify that the client’s IT and security resources are used effectively.


Unitas Global Security Services include:

  • Governance, risk management, and compliance
  • Monitoring
  • Proactive defense
  • Education and training


Most vendors will tell you that they can offer you compliance just by using their data centers or services. Unitas aims to give you the full picture: compliance requires people, process, and technology.


We can meet any compliance requirements your environment will need, using our internal security experts to provide these solutions. If you are looking for true compliance for your environment we recommend our vCISO services, which will offer a solution to work with your current security team to ensure compliance or become your outsourced security team, driving the adoption of all necessary measures to exceed compliance requirements.


You can contact us anytime to learn more about our vCISO or security solutions:, or 213-785-6200.

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