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Unitas provides secure, flexible, high-throughput connectivity from premise to data centers, from data centers to the cloud, and between different data centers to optimize cost, improve performance, and simplify enterprise cloud adoption and digital migration.  There are three substantial and positive differentiators that Unitas brings to the cloud connectivity market.  


The first differentiator is that Unitas started as a managed cloud company.  This matters because when we saw that connectivity was a key part of a client’s best cloud experience, we architected a network designed for cloud data first.  The way other large carrier networks had been built was almost in the reverse.  The large carrier networks were built based off of telephone lines and ensuring voice signals could run on those lines.  Later, they started to add data onto those lines.  But telephone lines were not built for moving cloud data: they were built for talking.


Unitas’ network is built destination-first.  If client applications are on the Internet, we want to get the client to the Internet.  If their applications are in a data center, we want to connect them into the data center.  We make sure companies can get to the destination they want to go to and are not limited to just where a given carrier’s network can take them.  Large carriers’ infrastructure is already built, and routes and destinations are on-net.  Unitas has interconnected over 550 carrier networks to create a network of networks with over 24 million commercial address on its integrated network.


Unitas talks to clients about where they want to go, then we offer ways to get there.  Leveraging the infrastructure that has already been built, Unitas can ensure companies can get to where their business lives, be it in a cloud service, data center, Internet, on a server at headquarters—anywhere. And we guarantee the performance of the connectivity services getting companies to their critical applications, their data, and their data storage needed to make their company work.


The second differentiator is Unitas’ IP network which was built differently from other IP networks.  The Unitas global IP network was built to more efficiently connect customers to other locations on the Internet.  Traditionally, a company looking to get to AWS, Office 365, Salesforce, or any SaaS over Tier 1 networks would find their traffic would need to figure out its own route.  This is an inefficient way of routing.  The Unitas IP network utilizes direct peering: directly connect our AS 1828 network to other SaaS, ISPs, and content providers.  Direct peering enables higher network performance because there are fewer network ‘hops.’  We are designing the most efficient paths between the client and their destination.



The third differentiator is Unitas’ award-winning orchestration platform that covers the lifecycle of connectivity services.  Unitas’ value extends beyond a robust interconnection solution.  Clients benefit from rapid design and price, normalized service delivery, visibility and control of services, and intelligent automated tools.


Like an Expedia for networks, the design and price app provides transparency into network pricing and visibility of available capacity across over 550 Fiber, Ethernet, and IP service providers in 150 markets across 84 countries.  The proprietary algorithm searches over 24 million business locations and 900 data centers globally, returning a real-time response of available near and on-net connectivity services.  Unique intelligence recommends the most cost-effective and reliable connectivity options between business locations and cloud infrastructure.  With the right information to make the right design decisions, ordering is simple with click to start the process.

A single pane of glass, the monitoring and management app, Unitas AtlasTM, offers customers access to all information on their and network infrastructure on one screen.  Unitas AtlasTM empowers clients with visibility into their end-to-end environment, including utilization, topology, availability, and ticket status. It enables Unitas and client engineers to see a real-time view of their cloud and network infrastructure status, as well as historical performance data.

Our Mission

The Unitas Global mission is to transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions for our enterprise clients. We are passionate about excellence, built on the foundation of trust, integrity, and devoted to exceptional customer experiences.

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