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As IT networks become increasingly complex, connectivity in turn becomes essential. Yet half of enterprises identify cloud networking challenges as the primary inhibitor to their cloud adoption. Through observing firsthand these challenges our clients were experiencing, we sought to create a fully managed, end-to-end solution. And that’s what we did.

Fast forward one year to today, and you’ll find the Unitas Cloud Connectivity solution is award-winning and serving clients.

What is the connectivity solution and how does it actually work? What are some of the features that add the most value for enterprise users? If these are questions you’re asking, keep reading to find out.

What is Cloud Connectivity? How Does It Serve the Enterprise?  

The Cloud Connectivity solution from Unitas Global is a software-defined interconnected cloud connectivity fabric that simplifies the design, procurement, delivery, operation, and management of cloud connectivity. Instead of working with multiple vendors and carriers, and managing these networks and relationships all over the world, enterprises engage with Unitas for designed and fully managed end-to-end connectivity. This way, network management is all in one place, costs are streamlined, and performance is optimized.

As part of the connectivity solution Unitas provides:

  • Design, build, and management of an interconnected network infrastructure connecting office locations, data centers, multiple cloud infrastructure and SaaS
  • Unitas Cloud Connectivity Marketplace Platform (CCM) to design, quote and purchase connectivity
  • Fully managed sourcing, delivery, and turn-up of infrastructure and services
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and management of interconnected network infrastructure from our CMC (Cloud Management Center)
  • Visibility via the sophisticated network management & monitoring platform, Unitas AtlasTM
  • Optimization of any existing client transport onto new managed interconnected network infrastructure
  • Cloud Direct On-Ramp ™, connectivity hubs through data centers to provide a point to interconnect enterprise network infrastructure with cloud services

The connectivity solution is bundled seamlessly into client cloud solutions so we can manage all the complexity of connectivity for them. Bundled, Unitas’ Connected Hybrid/Multi-Cloud consists of planning, connectivity, private cloud, public cloud, orchestration, and monitoring—all fully managed, and working together as one seamless end-to-end solution simplifying enterprise cloud adoption and enabling digital transformation.

Continuously Enhancing the Solution (Differentiating Features) 

We are constantly evolving our business and enhancing our solutions to best serve the enterprises’ changing needs. Here are some newer features we have developed to accomplish that goal:

  • The proprietary Cloud Connectivity Marketplace Platform: This platform allows for simplified design and ordering of cloud connectivity across a transport-independent infrastructure. It automates network design with intelligence that considers fiber, ethernet, and IP services and pricing from hundreds of global service providers for both on- and near-net. We can build the most cost-effective and reliable connectivity options between enterprise offices, data centers, and cloud facilities simplifying enterprise cloud adoption and digital migration.
  • Enhanced network management functions in our proprietary integrated infrastructure management platform, Unitas AtlasTMUnitas AtlasTM provides a single pane of glass view into the client’s environment, end-to-end.  No other provider offers one integrated solution with proactive monitoring and management into availability, performance, and usage of both network and cloud in one single management platform.
  • Access connectivity extending cloud connectivity to the edge: In 2018, Unitas launched services to connect enterprises locations to the cloud. The value of an interconnected cloud infrastructure from Unitas extends beyond a data center connectivity solution to include managed access connectivity. Unitas is unlike any other cloud provider in our offering of managed access connectivity as part of our cloud solutions for clients.

Cloud Connectivity Solution

Watch this video for more on what differentiates our cloud connectivity solution.

How Our Connectivity Solution Increases Enterprise Success 

Two particular end user groups are impacted by connectivity in two ways.  IT, DevOps, and NetOps teams are impacted with the reduction of trouble tickets and complaints, which frees up their time to focus on core business workflows and technology innovations. Full visibility and transparency into capacity performance and cost elements via Unitas AtlasTM allow our clients’ operations teams to make informed decisions and add in new locations and workflows with more ease.

The second group impacted by connectivity are the actual users of the enterprise’s applications and data. For these individuals and teams, performance is improved, and fewer workflow disruptions are experienced. Individuals have greater satisfaction in the use of cloud-based applications and infrastructure, and clients see increased productivity.

What’s Innovative About the Connectivity Solution from Unitas Global? 

There are a few elements about Cloud Connectivity from Unitas Global that are new to the market and differentiated from other connectivity solutions. These include:

  • Software-defined interconnected cloud connectivity fabric that is simplifying cloud connectivity and clearing obstacles from the path of digital transformation for the enterprise. This becomes increasingly important as our world becomes more reliant on cloud computing, more automated, and more advanced with artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Cloud Connectivity will empower and drive strategies at the edge. The impact of creating a fast lane from users and data at the edge to computing and intelligence in data centers and cloud will drive efficiency, expand cloud-based workflows, and increase innovation.
  • Connectivity will drive cloud adoption in the enterprise which enables innovation.
  • Software-defined interconnected cloud connectivity will only continue to evolve over the next few years with new features, functionality, automation, and virtualization will continue to improve the model as a framework that works for future technologies. We are committed to incorporating new technologies into our solution to keep it state-of-the-art. Agility and interoperability in the network is a key benefit in the market that is here to stay.

The Ultimate Goal  

Unitas is transforming the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions.  Solving the connectivity challenge and including network as part of cloud solutions is key to helping our clients migrate and orchestrate workloads in the cloud.

The way we hope to serve the enterprise with Cloud Connectivity is with network management takes the burden off the enterprise, allowing our clients’ engineering resources to focus on core business workloads and innovations.

Want to learn more about Cloud Connectivity? Click here to read more or ask our reps a question! 

Our Mission

The Unitas Global mission is to transform the consumption of IT by providing the most innovative, secure, and simple to use solutions for our enterprise clients. We are passionate about excellence, built on the foundation of trust, integrity, and devoted to exceptional customer experiences.

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