Unitas Global is Proud To Be a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner!

Why is Unitas a Cloud Platform Gold Partner with Microsoft? The answer is simply that we want to offer our customers the best. Silver Certification is a significant achievement of course — but we believe that our customers deserve to work with a Microsoft Partner who has achieved the highest level of training and certification, and who maintains a close relationship with Microsoft.

At Unitas, we proudly invest in our employees to become experts. Achieving Gold Compentency status can be costly, but the Unitas philosophy is to invest in our team and demonstrate our appreciation for the time they invest in preparing for these exams. Achieving Gold-level competency is not easy, and we believe our employees deserve acknowledgment for this achievement.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams.

What does it mean to be Microsoft Gold?

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is a company that has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Microsoft. Having that designation means that Unitas has applied itself and earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s widely recognized partnership program.

Microsoft refers to its certifications as “Competencies” which demonstrate specific, proven skillsets within a Microsoft solution area. Because Microsoft Competencies are aligned with how customers buy, customers can easily identify a company’s capabilities and expertise simply by reviewing its competencies.

Achieving Gold Partner status recognizes that Unitas has the skills to operate a complex enterprise cloud environment with expertise in identity management, cloud technologies, storage, networking, virtualization, and systems management.

Unitas’ Gold Cloud Platform Competency is in addition to demonstrated competencies in Data Center, Application Development, and the recognized performance of our Service Desk team for a range of technical certifications around developing, implementing, and supporting business applications.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Microsoft Gold Partner

When it comes to selecting a partner to help you implement cloud technology solutions for your business, it’s important to pause and consider the qualifications of the partner you are choosing. Do they have the skills and qualifications necessary to help your business succeed?  Here at Unitas Global, we feel that it is important to consider the Competencies a Microsoft Partner has—especially a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner—when you are searching for a partner to implement and support your company’s hybrid cloud solution. Unitas has a broad portfolio of cloud solutions, but our commitment to quality and a high level of competency is consistent across all our technology partners.

  1.  Gold Competency goes beyond the Silver level, representing the highest certification available for Microsoft Partners. A Partner with Gold Competency has a specialized skill set when it comes to implementing a solution or providing clients with service in a specific area. Only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide have achieved Gold status.
  2. Gold Partners are Always Up to Date.  Microsoft’s solutions are always evolving, and so are the competency requirements associated with them. Gold Partners stay on top of these changes. It makes sense to choose a Microsoft Partner who knows how to leverage the latest Microsoft technology to help your business succeed.
  3. Gold Partners are Directly Connected to Microsoft.  Microsoft Gold Partners are experts when it comes to specific skill sets. When they do need support from Microsoft, Gold Partners have direct access to advanced support teams within Microsoft Business Solutions. This means they can provide faster response times and top-notch support.

What does this mean for your business?

First, you can be sure that a Microsoft certified Gold Partner knows what they are doing. Secondly, it is not just one or two people at Unitas who are familiar with the latest Microsoft technology: a Gold Partner has over 15 highly qualified staff members on hand who can help you.

Unitas Global is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, which benefits our clients in terms of service and technical expertise

When choosing a Microsoft Partner, go for the gold! A Gold Partner with the appropriate competencies will offer your company the best when it comes to overall knowledge, experience, and support.

Check out this use case to read why customers are happy they chose Microsoft Gold Partner Unitas Global for their Managed Cloud Services.


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