Case Study: Managed Public Cloud for Social Services Agency

Hybrid cloud is an essential part of digital transformation and the future of enterprise IT. But incorporating a public cloud solution into a company’s IT strategy is often complicated and costly. Our clients have struggled with these issues firsthand.

We recently worked with a social services agency that was looking to better position their IT infrastructure to gain efficiencies in the present and the future.


Some key challenges they faced included:

  • Aging IT equipment
  • Costly inefficiencies with their existing cloud
  • Lack of standardized business practices to ensure future business success


The agency engaged with Unitas Global to design a cloud strategy combining private cloud infrastructure and public cloud services.

The solution included:

  • hybrid cloud buildout
  • Migrating the agency’s workload out of one public cloud provider and into another for a smaller footprint and better backup and disaster recovery options
  • The buildout of an Enterprise Private Cloud component
  • Managed Services with a Service Desk component


The Outcome

Unitas built a solution that fit the agency’s needs, established best practices, streamlined efficiencies, and left room for the company to scale and grow. Because the agency’s public cloud footprint was reduced, they enjoyed significant cost savings and reduced their future costs with their cloud migration.

The agency found the largest benefit in working with Unitas was that they could leverage Unitas’ engineering and architecture expertise in the operation of their own IT.


Summary of benefits:

  • Greater efficiencies
  • Significant cost savings
  • Visibility into IT and confidence in IT organization


At Unitas, we create custom cloud solutions for our clients every day. To read the full case study and explore other Unitas client stories, click here.

Social Services Case Study

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