Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure That Works For You. Whatever Your Cloud Mix.

The cloud market is incredibly complex, and Unitas understands that choosing the "right" cloud or clouds for your organization can be a daunting task.

Challenges you might encounter include:

  • Which architecture is right for your applications
  • How can you access workloads and data quickly and securely
  • Which data center location is the best for me
  •  Do I need multi-cloud
  • What are my backup options

In today's digital era, Unitas works closely with clients as a partner, an extension of their team. to provide options and help navigate challenges with a technology neutral view. 

Your Competitive Edge

Unitas has partnered with leading computing suppliers to design modern cloud infrastructure solutions. We leverage the latest hyperscale and software defined infrastructure solutions to ensure your infrastructure has the lowest possible total cost of ownership, and to help you maintain your competitive edge. Our cloud infrastructure services include:

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"Unitas is really willing to customize. They are willing to hire help desk people in certain regions if we needed it and bring in customized gear for a customer. If you are calling in for a specific need, they are willing to do unique integrations and do that quickly."
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