83% of Enterprise Workloads Are Now in the Cloud. Can Your Network Keep Up?

A recent survey from LogicMonitor found that 83% of enterprise workloads are now in the cloud. The proliferation of cloud software, coupled with the disruption of 2020, has made the message loud and clear for organizations: digitize or die. But what about the network infrastructure underneath? Cloud has irrevocably changed how network infrastructure and services are deployed, secured, and managed:


• Do you have full visibility into the health and performance of your cloud and network infrastructure?
• Are you made aware of issues as soon as they happen to minimize downtime and outages?
• Are you able to get to the destination you want versus being limited to wherever a given carrier’s network can take you?
• Do you have diverse, redundant paths for greater control and visibility into routing and best performance to more locations?
• How easy is it for you to search for and deploy reliable connectivity options between your business locations and cloud infrastructure?


In today’s evolved world, legacy networks stagger cloud application performance and make no guarantees about providing the shortest or least congested paths as routes. Your organization can’t capitalize on the cloud without an efficient way of connecting to it. The time for network modernization is now.


The solution: Internet designed for the cloud.
Today, companies need to move at a digital speed with the flexibility to deploy network services where and when needed. Here’s how cloud-first connectivity (supported by a cloud management partner like Unitas Global) flips the script:


High-performing, fiber-based connections allow you to gain access to your choice of platform around the world.

Unitas’ high-performing fiber-based connections give organizations access to their choice of platform around the world (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud), including over 3 million edge locations and more than 900 regional data centers with guaranteed speed, reliability, and security. We recently helped one of our customers – a SaaS provider who delivers online training courses to corporate clients – design a Dual Route 1 GigE Cloud Connect path to its existing AWS location (which only had a single path connecting users to its applications in the cloud). Using our robust network connections, this customer now has two different metro fiber routes that provide a superior level of redundancy – all at a lower price point.


Between our global PoPs, Unitas maintains diverse, redundant paths for greater control and visibility into routing and best performance to more locations. Our management and monitoring platform, Unitas Atlas, also offers full visibility into the health and performance of cloud and network infrastructure, alerting users of issues as soon as they arise to minimize downtime and outages.


Performance-optimized routing ensures the most efficient path between your organization and your destination, bringing you where you want to go.
Traditionally, a company looking to get to AWS, Office 365, Salesforce, or any SaaS over Tier 1 networks would find their traffic would need to figure out its own route. These routes can be long with unnecessary network handoffs, potential delays, and less ability to guarantee a consistent experience to users. They can also be restricted by carriers’ pre-built infrastructure, where routes and destinations are on-net.


Unitas operates a high-performance global IP backbone, combining multi-homed access to Tier 1 providers and extensive peering with content and access networks. With direct peering to over 4,700 AS networks worldwide, we ensure companies get to the destination they want and are not mired in traversing the public internet – all with higher performance due to fewer network hops. If a client’s applications are from a SaaS provider, we want to get them to the closest SaaS location. If their applications are in a data center, we want to connect them into the data center. We help get you where you want with a network that is fully managed and cloud enabled.


Simplified deployment of IP services to the cloud with full transparency into, and control of, pricing and designing services.
Unitas is the world’s first managed service provider to offer its own Cloud Connectivity Marketplace that connects cloud to Internet in days. Our clients benefit from rapid design and price, normalized service delivery, visibility and control of services, and intelligent automated tools. Like an Expedia for networks, the design and price app provides transparency into network pricing and visibility of available capacity across over 550 Fiber, Ethernet, and IP service providers in 150 markets across 84 countries. The proprietary algorithm searches over 30 million business locations and 900 data centers globally, returning a real-time response of available near and on-net connectivity services. Unique intelligence recommends the most cost-effective and reliable connectivity options between business locations and cloud infrastructure. With the right information to make the right design decisions, ordering is simple as the click of a button.


One of our customers – an international supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets – was able to connect its virtual private cloud on AWS to the Internet using our Marketplace within just three days.


Cloud-first Connectivity Backed by a Cloud-first Network Provider
As more business applications are being moved to the cloud or delivered as a SaaS model, organizations must reevaluate how they deploy, secure, and manage their network infrastructure and services. Here’s why top enterprise organizations turn to Unitas Global:


1. When we saw that connectivity was a key part of a client’s best cloud experience, we architected a network Unitas Reach purpose built for cloud data first.
2. Our IP network is built differently from other IP networks with the power of direct peering.
3. Our award-winning marketplace platform covers the lifecycle of connectivity services, extending our value beyond a robust interconnection solution.


Click here to discuss your IP connectivity needs with a Unitas network expert today.

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