Channel Futures: As COVID-19 Work from Home Continues, Security Upgrades Might Be Needed

With two months passed since work from home began due to coronavirus, systems should be reviewed to ensure IT security. When work from home began in mid-March under COVID-19 across the nation, no one knew how long it would continue. So far, it appears it will linger for some time and could change work patterns […]

TechTarget: Channel partners’ cloud opportunities see a boost

Cloud usage spiked In the first phase of pandemic as organizations rushed to retool operations. Going forward, partners should expect an uptick in cloud opportunities. When the world shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, many organizations turned to cloud computing to keep their businesses operating.   Continue reading on TechTarget …

Digital Journal: Q&A: Maintaining business continuity through COVID-19

Given the recent concern for employee health, companies across the globe are having their employees work from home. But, have these same companies thought about how their professional service providers and partners are impacted? Building a plan for professional service providers and partners is a key component for business continuity, says Mary Stanhope of Unitas Global. […]

TechTarget: What to Make of AWS’ Multi-Cloud Strategy, Or Lack Thereof

AWS eventually caved when it came to hybrid cloud. Some experts and partners say the same will happen with its multi-cloud strategy. Whether AWS accepts it or not, enterprises are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud model. Continue reading on Telecom Review North America … AWS Commits to a Full-Blown Cloud Region in Osaka

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding its ever-growing infrastructure footprint, announcing plans this week to turn an existing “local” region in Osaka, Japan, into a full-blown cloud region, complete with three availability zones, sometime next year. Continue reading on …