TechTarget: What to Make of AWS’ Multi-Cloud Strategy, Or Lack Thereof

AWS eventually caved when it came to hybrid cloud. Some experts and partners say the same will happen with its multi-cloud strategy. Whether AWS accepts it or not, enterprises are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud model. Continue reading on Telecom Review North America …

Optimizing Multi-Cloud Adoption for the Enterprise

Transitioning to a multi-cloud environment can be a complex process, especially for the enterprise. Below, Unitas Global’s Chief Finance Officer, Bob Pollan, lays out the details every company should consider for their multi-cloud journey and how Unitas can be a trusted partner in the process.   What is important to understand when transitioning to a […]

Unitas Enables Competitive Advantage for Customers

Why would a business want to have a multi-cloud solution? If you’ve seen one cloud haven’t you seen them all? Not so!  Just like people, each cloud service has something a little different to offer. Combining the capabilities (such as AI, big data, etc.) from multiple cloud providers can allow an enterprise to get more useful […]

Key Cloud Insights for 2019 from VMware

2019 will be a turning point for cloud, particularly when it comes to accelerated adoption, according to VMware*. (As one of our software partners, VMware offers software-based solutions for virtualizing hardware, enabling multiple virtualized workloads on hardware platforms, increasing utilization.) Below are some of VMware’s key insights on the cloud market today.   Multi-Cloud Is […]

Helping Enterprises Gain Local Access to the Cloud

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with our partners to educate people on cloud. We just completed a two-city tour of panel discussions on helping enterprises access the cloud locally with our partners Edgeconnex, Megaport, and Comcast. Attendees at the Beers with Peers event   Here are some key takeaways from the event:   1.) Enterprises prefer a hybrid, […]