3 Questions Your MSP Should Ask You

As a cloud managed service provider, we at Unitas know the power of a solid partnership with our clients. By understanding their businesses and how their internal IT operates, our solutions enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage, lower costs, and reach new markets with Unitas Global cloud solutions.     How do we do this? By asking the right questions.     Whether you are working with an MSP […]

3 Ways the Cloud Helps Disaster Recovery

It was recently announced that the Government Publishing Office (GPO)—the agency responsible for publishing congressional and federal information—had no disaster recovery plan in place. Without one, the GPO would potentially be unable to restore valuable data or support business functions should a service disruption or natural disaster occur. Our CTO Grant Kirkwood chatted with GCN […]

Keeping Connectivity in the Cold

In the winter of 2019, extreme cold weather caused widespread infrastructure damage across the northern US and Canada, causing some enterprises to lose cloud connectivity. Solutions Review sat down with our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood to talk disaster preparedness, recovery, and what to do if freezing temperatures reach your data center: “To ensure public […]

AWS Backup: How Amazon’s Disaster Recovery Solution Measures Up

In January, Amazon launched AWS Backup, a full data protection and disaster recovery solution. Information Week took a look at what the solution means for 3rd-party vendors and spoke to our CTO and co-founder Grant Kirkwood about how backup solutions from other providers compare: “AWS Backup is a good way of simplifying backup across multiple […]