State Courts Make Online Ruling: Unitas Global is Guilty of Improving Network Performance While Lowering Bandwidth Costs

The disruption of 2020 spurred IT change and modernization in the government sector that would have otherwise taken years or possibly decades to achieve, especially related to networks and applications. A sudden and total shift to remote work sites forced most government agencies to accelerate moving applications to the cloud and rethinking their network architecture […]

Cloud Cost Optimization and How MSPs Serve the Enterprise (Video)

“Cloud computing is not simple. People really do need a helping hand,” says Unitas Global VP of Cloud Architecture, Chris Smith. At a time when enterprises are choosing multi-cloud environments, it is common for management of these tools to get out of hand—and becomes quite costly.     In these quick video interviews, Chris Smith speaks with […]

Make Cloud Cost Savings a Reality

Companies reevaluating their operations and looking for ways to gain efficiencies and streamline costs look to the cloud to achieve reduce IT costs. Moving to the cloud can be a very effective cost-saving endeavor, but it must be done right. Whether your enterprise has already migrated to the cloud or is in the process, here […]