Data Center Interconnection Trends and Capabilities (Panel Recap)

Now more than ever, a flexible, agile connectivity solution is the key to enterprise success. Unitas Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Stanhope, and other industry experts recently participated in an IND-DCA panel to discuss how platform makers enable improved network performance, provide greater control, reduce costs, and enhance flexibility with fortified access to networks of all […]

Built for Cloud

Unitas provides secure, flexible, high-throughput connectivity from premise to data centers, from data centers to the cloud, and between different data centers to optimize cost, improve performance, and simplify enterprise cloud adoption and digital migration.  There are three substantial and positive differentiators that Unitas brings to the cloud connectivity market.     The first differentiator is […]

Avoiding 7 Hour Network Outage for Businesses

Infrastructure matters. When networks unexpectedly fail, IT downtime can have a direct impact on your bottom line, business operations and reputation.  On August 30th just after 6 AM ET, CenturyLink/Level 3, a major ISP and Internet bandwidth provider, experienced a significant outage that impacted a significant number of services and providers across the Internet.  CenturyLink/Level […]

How One Connection Gives You Multiple Services

By Ed Valentino, Connectivity Solution Architect   I get a lot of questions from network managers asking how to better utilize the bandwidth they have and how to improve performance or add new applications without just adding another circuit.  And if I am honest, I get even more questions about how to reduce bandwidth costs.  My […]

Moving to The Cloud: Planning for Success

By Armando Avilez It is not a surprise to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of the cloud to enterprises as a vital asset to business operations. Migrating workloads and applications to the cloud enables enterprises to securely operate remotely while also serving as the foundation for future innovation.   What has […]

Why Today’s Enterprises Need A Multi-Service Access Solution

Digital transformations and cloud migration are stressing traditional networking and IT resources.  The initial connectivity and management challenges associated with the cloud only grow as businesses expand into multi-cloud environments.  WAN technologies have grown in capability but also complexity.  In such setups, the inherent challenges of providing adequate connectivity and IT resources rise when trying to […]

Panel Recap: Rethinking Infrastructure & Security Practices

How is infrastructure security changing and where is it going in the future? Read on for insights into how enterprises can put up their best defenses to maintaining successful operations.  This article recaps the Unitas Global hosted panel,  Rethinking Infrastructure and Security Practices: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, on the future of infrastructure and security.  The moderator, […]

Three Things That Make Unitas IP Service Different

You know that the Internet is quickly becoming part of everything we do in our business lives.  How we access our applications, collaborate with colleagues, view business analytics, and file share – it all travels over the Internet.   But did you know that not all IP providers are the same?  The global Internet is […]

Solution Deep Dive: Multi-Service Access Services

What Is Multi-Service Access ?   The enterprise is using the cloud more than ever, and it’s using it for a range of different services across different platforms and locations, necessitating thorough connectivity across this fabric of services. In today’s world where cloud services can be purchased based on consumption, businesses now want to purchase their […]

Topics and Takeaways: Thoughts From a Roundtable Discussion on Connectivity and Pricing

Guest Blogger: Laura Pirmann, Contributing Author, Data Center POST   I recently had the opportunity to sit in on the virtual roundtable discussion “The Evolution of Pricing in The Connectivity Industry.” I heard the perspectives of Unitas Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Stanhope; Connected2Fiber’s Founder and CEO, Ben Edmond, INDATEL Services’ Vice President of Sales, […]