Sungard Availability Services Gives Enterprises Streamlined ‘Edge to Everywhere’ Access

Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), a leading provider of highly available, cloud connected infrastructure in North America and Europe, today announced the expansion of its global network interconnection capabilities, significantly bolstering its reach and capacity worldwide. This software-defined network delivers flexible, performant and cost-competitive private interconnection, allowing Sungard AS to extend its network fabric to customer locations and empowering […]

The Importance of Connectivity to the Modern Data Center

10 Minutes with Joe DeSantis   Finance, technology, content, healthcare, and retail businesses process tons of information every day. Businesses that produce and utilize data require data centers in running their operations. Data centers are where large amounts of data is collected, stored, processed, and distributed. They are responsible for data backup and recovery, hosting […]

Three Things That Make Unitas IP Service Different

You know that the Internet is quickly becoming part of everything we do in our business lives.  How we access our applications, collaborate with colleagues, view business analytics, and file share – it all travels over the Internet.   But did you know that not all IP providers are the same?  The global Internet is […]