How One Connection Gives You Multiple Services

By Ed Valentino, Connectivity Solution Architect   I get a lot of questions from network managers asking how to better utilize the bandwidth they have and how to improve performance or add new applications without just adding another circuit.  And if I am honest, I get even more questions about how to reduce bandwidth costs.  My […]

Unitas Recognized for Multi-Service Access Solution in 2020 Pipeline Innovation Awards

Unitas Global has been recognized amongst a group of outstanding winners in the 2020 Pipeline Innovation Awards in the categories of Innovation in Networking Technology and Innovation in Managed Services.  Our multi-service access solution, delivering managed connectivity service over our software-defined interconnected cloud fabric, was recognized for its ability to solve enterprise cloud connectivity challenges […]

Why Today’s Enterprises Need A Multi-Service Access Solution

Digital transformations and cloud migration are stressing traditional networking and IT resources.  The initial connectivity and management challenges associated with the cloud only grow as businesses expand into multi-cloud environments.  WAN technologies have grown in capability but also complexity.  In such setups, the inherent challenges of providing adequate connectivity and IT resources rise when trying to […]

Solution Deep Dive: Multi-Service Access Services

What Is Multi-Service Access ?   The enterprise is using the cloud more than ever, and it’s using it for a range of different services across different platforms and locations, necessitating thorough connectivity across this fabric of services. In today’s world where cloud services can be purchased based on consumption, businesses now want to purchase their […]

Unitas Global Selected as Finalist for Multiple Pipeline Innovation Awards

Since 2011, Unitas has been driven by the goal of simplifying and reinventing the consumption of IT, empowering businesses to realize their digital transformation objectives and achieve vital competitive advantages. Our solution portfolio, which was founded around private cloud infrastructure and managed services, has since grown to include public cloud and connectivity offerings that provide […]