High-Speed Internet Provider Leverages Connectivity Solution to Deliver Quality Services (Case Study)

Connectivity is a critical part of how many companies deliver their services, which is the case with one of our clients. This particular client provides high-speed WIFI and video services to tenants in multi-dwelling housing, such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, and more. Servicing the client’s customers requires high performance and availability at all times. And because the client offers streaming video content, they need a network that can connect as […]

Supporting Public Service Workers at Home During COVID-19

As the ever-changing business requirements due to COVID-19 create challenging situations for our clients, the Unitas team is hard at work to enable clients to adapt properly and quickly.   One of the healthcare customers we support, a public services agency, is responsible for providing shelter and care for 12,000 foster children. As an essential […]

Case Study: Managed Public Cloud for Social Services Agency

Hybrid cloud is an essential part of digital transformation and the future of enterprise IT. But incorporating a public cloud solution into a company’s IT strategy is often complicated and costly. Our clients have struggled with these issues firsthand. We recently worked with a social services agency that was looking to better position their IT infrastructure to gain efficiencies in the present […]

Unitas Enables Competitive Advantage for Customers

Why would a business want to have a multi-cloud solution? If you’ve seen one cloud haven’t you seen them all? Not so!  Just like people, each cloud service has something a little different to offer. Combining the capabilities (such as AI, big data, etc.) from multiple cloud providers can allow an enterprise to get more useful […]