Keeping Hybrid Cloud Agile

CIOs see the cloud as a predominant enabler of IT architecture and its modernization. They are increasingly migrating workloads and redirecting a greater share of their infrastructure spending to the cloud. While this migration represents a dramatic technology overhaul, tech executives also view it as a trigger to reevaluate IT functions.   CIOs are learning […]

Moving to The Cloud: Planning for Success

It is not a surprise to anyone that the cloud is a vital asset to business operations. Migrating workloads and applications to the cloud enables enterprises to securely operate while also serving as the foundation for future innovation.  what is a surprise is how many questions there are around how to efficiently and cost-effectively use […]

Unitas Global is Proud To Be a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner!

Why is Unitas a Cloud Platform Gold Partner with Microsoft? The answer is simply that we want to offer our customers the best. Silver Certification is a significant achievement of course — but we believe that our customers deserve to work with a Microsoft Partner who has achieved the highest level of training and certification, and […]

Hybrid Cloud Explained (Video)

58% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy*. Hybrid and multi cloud is becoming increasingly essential to enterprise business function and efficiency. If you’ve ever wondered why more and more enterprises are moving to hybrid, watch this video. (Full transcript below.)     Full Transcript: In the beginning, companies had racks of equipment in their own data centers and buildings. The […]

Google Throws Down a $13 Billion Gauntlet

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the major players in public cloud, owning 38% and 17% of the market respectively, while Google lags behind at about 8%. The recent announcement that Google would be making a $13 billion investment in their data centers in 2019 signaled an aggressive push to capture a larger slice of the […]

How AWS Balances Organic Growth and Acquisition

Lately Amazon has been experiencing exponential growth, acquiring two small cloud companies in January alone. CIO Dive took the opportunity to analyze how AWS has toed the line between organic, in-house growth and acquisitions. “Amazon has a history of consuming [its] children in the partner community,” either seizing upon something cool and acquiring it or […]