83% of Enterprise Workloads Are Now in the Cloud. Can Your Network Keep Up?

A recent survey from LogicMonitor found that 83% of enterprise workloads are now in the cloud. The proliferation of cloud software, coupled with the disruption of 2020, has made the message loud and clear for organizations: digitize or die. But what about the network infrastructure underneath? Cloud has irrevocably changed how network infrastructure and services […]

Edge to Cloud Network Monitoring with Unitas Atlas™

Your network infrastructure is the cornerstone of your business. It’s what keeps your organization running, enabling communication between users, services, applications, and devices. With so much at stake, it’s vital to keep a close eye on all aspects of your cloud as well as network infrastructure.   Monitoring tools or platforms need to be technology-neutral […]

Internet DDoS Defense

The global health situation of 2020 that forced much of the population into remote working situations changed the threat landscape. According to Fintech News, “80% of firms have seen an increase in cyber-attacks” this year. DDoS—distributed denial-of-service—attacks are among them. It’s an asymmetrical war where $30 attacks can cost companies thousands or be a smokescreen […]

Lessons Learned from the Attack on SolarWinds Orion: Don’t Leave Your Network Vulnerable

The criticality of security cannot be overstated.  2020 saw an unprecedented number of attacks on both infrastructure and networks.  Just uncovered in December 2020, the Russian government hacked SolarWinds Orion® Platform for network monitoring and IT management.  In doing so, the Russians gained access to “at least 18,000 government and private networks” belonging to a […]

Cloud Service Providers and Managed Service Providers: How Do They Differ? 

As enterprises move through digital transformation and along their cloud journeys, they engage with different providers. Two categories of providers are Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These provider types can appear similar and have some overlapping services, but they are two distinctly different things. It can be confusing to know which […]

Connectivity Deep Dive

As IT networks become increasingly complex, connectivity in turn becomes essential. Yet half of enterprises identify cloud networking challenges as the primary inhibitor to their cloud adoption. Through observing firsthand these challenges our clients were experiencing, we sought to create a fully managed, end-to-end solution. And that’s what we did. Fast forward one year to […]